iHeartEuro.com held its first cruise for the season on May 24th. About 20 cars left Montreal that sunny Sunday with Ottawa as final destination. At some point Greg (mk4 Jetta with A8 wheels) got to lead – no one knew his GPS was all messed up and gave us some weird directions. Well, that gave us a reason for a short stop to take some pictures… An hour later after the stop we reached Ottawa and met up with the OVD (Ottawa V-dubbing) club. Another photoshoot and we headed to Broadway Bar & Grill since many of us were getting hungry. A few cars headed back to Montreal right after eating, others stayed to hang out with Ottawa guys for a while.

In the end it was a good turnout. The day was beautiful, the ride was fun, the cars were great (for the most part) and of course bunch of friendly folks. Ottawa will become our “MUST” cruise every year. Next up – an improvised cruise. We will head wherever the roads take us, then return home with a GPS (not Greg’s)…

And here is a little video of the cruise. (Sorry for my 2001 crappy camera). Donation for an HD cam are accepted :D

iHeartEuro Cruise to Ottawa 2009 from ihearteuro.com on Vimeo.


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