With the coming of the cold weather, make sure your ride is ready for the worst. The last thing you want is to be stranded in sub-zero temperature, wondering why your “check-engine” light is on. Times like those you WISH your veedub caught fire. :p

We also need to expect the unexpected; situations unforeseeable no matter how many preventive measure we follow.

Just a few examples:

- A few months ago, my buddy Jeff’s Rabbit was hit by a bus a week after he drove it off the lot.

- A bit over a month ago, a lady in her mid-40′s decided to drive her Camry into the rear-end of my motionless Rabbit in traffic.

- And I’m sad to say our buddy Greg from the iHeartEuro crew just had a little mishap of his own.

Drive-safe, and enjoy the winter in your japanese beaters & rat-stylez rust buckets.

Help fund the Fix-Mah-Turbaw Organization after the jump.

- Janno

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