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iHeartEuro vanity plate

Seems like the winter is finally over! People are taking out their rides from storage, others swap their winter steelies to nice low profiles, weekly meets have more and more attendees! The winter has been rough for some of us… Greg’s car practically died (too many things to repair; including turbo and transmission), one of our crew members’ car was stolen (but he got an MKVI GTI instead) and I had a pretty bad accident; my 2.5L was declared total loss – important thing is, no one was hurt! And on the bright side, I got an Candy White MKVI GTI!

Recently Phil hosted my Birthday party at his awesome condo – the core members of the crew were there to celebrate with us and the whole thing was EPIC! Some pics for kicks:

iHeartEuro party

iHeartEuro party

iHeartEuro party

iHeartEuro party

iHeartEuro party

Well, you get the point! Funny story, the two plates we had at the party got “stolen”… In the morning a friend of mine called and told me he found the plates in his trunk… although he doesn’t have a clue how they ended up there. Oh Alcohol!

So here we are, the end of April 2010 and staring the new summer season ;) We are going for a cruise this weekend, everyone is welcome to join in! I will post the details tomorrow ;)

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With the coming of the cold weather, make sure your ride is ready for the worst. The last thing you want is to be stranded in sub-zero temperature, wondering why your “check-engine” light is on. Times like those you WISH your veedub caught fire. :p

We also need to expect the unexpected; situations unforeseeable no matter how many preventive measure we follow.

Just a few examples:

- A few months ago, my buddy Jeff’s Rabbit was hit by a bus a week after he drove it off the lot.

- A bit over a month ago, a lady in her mid-40′s decided to drive her Camry into the rear-end of my motionless Rabbit in traffic.

- And I’m sad to say our buddy Greg from the iHeartEuro crew just had a little mishap of his own.

Drive-safe, and enjoy the winter in your japanese beaters & rat-stylez rust buckets.

Help fund the Fix-Mah-Turbaw Organization after the jump.

- Janno

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Wow. My car took a serious beating this week-end, as I went to NYC. I busted my mag, ended up in Bronx, and drove back to Montreal on a spare. I also met some cool dubbers on the way :) A full story and a photo report could be found on the forum. (Just Click Here!)

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