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When I first watched this video I could not believe the event took place in Poland… We don’t often hear of modified dubs from over there… but then, we live in North America and don’t hear much from anywhere! It is now my goal to attend the show in 2011!!! The film is real fresh, it was uploaded only 2 days ago! For now, enjoy this amazing video from Vag Event 2010!

VAG EVENT 2010 – full length from Loniek on Vimeo.

For more information on the event please visit:

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Dennis and I decided to join the local BMW club and drive some 200km to Quebec city where Gumball 3000 Rally was stopping for the night. For most part the weather was nice and Dennis managed to get some great shots. It seems like the Surete du Quebec Highway Patrol were ready for the participants of Gumball Rally and set up speed traps every few kilometers of the road… yes, you got it right, we had no choice as to cruise slowly, not passing 120km/h.


gumball 3000 cruise

gumball 3000 cruise

You can see lots of other amazing shots on the forum: Gumball 3000 Quebec City Cruise

In a few days we should we able to post all the photos of actual GUMBALL 3000 participants and maybe we’ll even get the chance to edit the video footage ;) You can also visit our friends @ for lots of outstanding pictures from this event!

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Boys and girls, we are ready for the first cruise of the season! It will happen on May 2nd and we will be heading towards Sherbrooke for Deutsch Fest 2010! The organizers of Deutsch Fest will be providing BBQ grilled $2 hot dogs, $3 hamburgers and $3 beers, the funds collected will be used to finance another edition of DEUTSCH FEST later this summer (in August). Great opportunity to meet the iHeartEuro crew and other dubbers from around QC!

Details are posted in the forum: iHeartEuro Cruise to Deutsch Fest!

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Seems like the winter is finally over! People are taking out their rides from storage, others swap their winter steelies to nice low profiles, weekly meets have more and more attendees! The winter has been rough for some of us… Greg’s car practically died (too many things to repair; including turbo and transmission), one of our crew members’ car was stolen (but he got an MKVI GTI instead) and I had a pretty bad accident; my 2.5L was declared total loss – important thing is, no one was hurt! And on the bright side, I got an Candy White MKVI GTI!

Recently Phil hosted my Birthday party at his awesome condo – the core members of the crew were there to celebrate with us and the whole thing was EPIC! Some pics for kicks:

iHeartEuro party

iHeartEuro party

iHeartEuro party

iHeartEuro party

iHeartEuro party

Well, you get the point! Funny story, the two plates we had at the party got “stolen”… In the morning a friend of mine called and told me he found the plates in his trunk… although he doesn’t have a clue how they ended up there. Oh Alcohol!

So here we are, the end of April 2010 and staring the new summer season ;) We are going for a cruise this weekend, everyone is welcome to join in! I will post the details tomorrow ;)

Till then,



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winter rabbit

Snow and cold are getting very close to us. Well, mostly snow because the cold is already here. Some of us will be storing our cars in garages for the next 4-6 months, but some will be rocking the same car in winter.

It would be awesome to see YOUR winter mode or your winter beater posted on our forum, so please, go ahead! Whore those pictures here: Show Off Your Winter Mode

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After long and cold hibernation (at least in Canada it was long and cold) folks are starting to take their stored rides out. People start working on their projects, swapping wheels, going to meets and car festivals.

Many changes are coming to this year. The community is growing and hopefully our forum will get more active in the next few weeks. Cruises, contests and videos are coming to iHeartEuro – so don’t forget to visit us often!

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Another great season for EURO cars has almost come to an end…

So here are a few highlights!

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Automuseum Volkswagen in Wolfsburg

I have realized one of my dreams as a Vee-Dubber. As I was traveling to Western Europe I decided to check out the Volkswagen Museum and the Autostadt – VW Factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. I got to the museum an hour before closing so I didn’t have too much time to look at all those cars, however I did snap a few photos.

(Photos from Volkswagen Auto Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany)

After the museum I went to Autostadt – an attraction center in the area of Vw Factory, a place larger then Monaco… who would have thought? Unfortunately Autostadt’s website hasn’t been updated and they close at 6pm, not at 9 as stated on their site so I had to miss out on this one.

I drove the 250km to Berlin where my hotel was located and decided to come back to Wolfsburg the following day.

After a wild night in Berlin with lots of local cheap beer I wasn’t able to get up at 7 am as I planned. Around 11 am, when I was having an apple danish with an espresso, I found out that leaving earlier wouldn’t have been so great since the traffic going in and out of Berlin is horrible in the morning…

By noon I was finally in my rental 1.2L Corsa, on my way to the Autostadt. Light rain mixed with heavy clouds didn’t bother me a bit because of all the excitement of seeing all those Bentleys, Lambos, Audis and Volkswagens… I also knew that it could be my only chance to see the new Scirocco since their future in the North America is still very vague.

…few hours later, tired but still excited I was very happy with the outcome. I got to see (and to sit in) a bunch of great cars, mostly the Scirocco, R8 and the A8L W12!, I also saw he famous VW towers…

I would sure visit again, and if you are a true dubber – visiting Woulfsburg certainly should be on your “things to do before I die” list!

Here are some photos from the Wolfsburg Autostadt.

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