Philippe Myers Vw Rabbit

Presenting Philippe Myers’s Vw Rabbit. This old school bunny is probably one of the coolest cars to participate in iHeartEuro cruises. This flat brown 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit LS with 4Cyl 1600cc 8v Diesel engine with 552 000km on it isn’t as slow as you might thing. Normally it has no problem keeping up with MK4′s and MK5′s (most cars that show up to our cruises).

Well, let’s look at some details of this 27 year old vee dub:

  • 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit LS (Chassis Type-17 2Door), Flat Brown
  • Engine: 4Cyl 1600cc 8v Diesel with 552 000km, orange fluo oilpan
  • Suspension: Coilovers Patec Holeshot, polyurethane bushings all around
  • Wheels: Mags OEM Tarentulas 13×5.5, 175/70/13 tires.
  • Interior: Recaro Trophy seats,  Scirocco S steering wheel
  • Other mods:
    Front Bumper pre-81 US chrome with over-riders, Rear Bumper custom euro plastoc, Flashers euro 81-84, Euro Front fenders,  Westmoreland rad support, Small Duckbill, 2spot  grille early chromed trim, crystal-clear Headlights, Small-Taillights Conversion, Taillights early All-red, Mirror Black-Flag on Driver’s side, passenger mirror is shaved, Antique Belge plate,  Yellow Euro Mono-foglight, Ooga Horn.

    … and more things in project for this awesome Rabbit!

For more pictures check out Myers’ thread on our forum!

Myers 1982 Vw Rabbit LS

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